Purse To Go®
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does PTG stand for?
PTG is short for Purse To Go® 
What is the velcro for?
The velcro attached to the outside of our purse organizer is to allow you to adjust the length.  This makes it possible for it to fit many more handbags with ease.  The velcro also comes with a felt cover in order to protect your handbag's lining when the velcro is not in use.
Do the Pockets Plus and Zip-up Purse To Gos® have velcro?
The Pockets Plus and Zip-Ups do not have velcro.  Only the original Purse To Go® design has velcro.
What are the different sizes available for Purse To Go®?
For a list of the sizes and measurements we provide, please click on the Sizes tab located on your screen's left.
How do I measure my handbag so that I know which Purse To Go® size to buy?
You should measure your handbag's length, height, and width according to the picture below. 
Does the Purse To Go® have a bottom?
Yes, Purse To Go® has an enclosed bottom to make it easy to transfer your items. 
Does the Purse To Go® have handles?
Instead of handles, there are small cloth loops inside the organizer that make it easy for you to slide a Purse To Go® out of your handbag.  You can also attach your keychain(s) to these loops for convenient and easy access to your keys. 
How sturdy is the Purse To Go®?
The Purse To Go® is sturdy enough to stand on its own, but still moldable.  It will give a slouchy handbag more structure, but will not make it too stiff. 

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